Saturday, January 16, 2010

EDMAT-30 Gathering (Taizi Cafe)

I've always felt lucky to have met this bunch of friends. Without them, I wouldn't have enjoyed the trip to Cameron Highland, without them, I wouldn't have a great experience at Gua Tempurung. And again, we are going of to Sungai Lembing end of the month. Woohoo!!! I'm really looking forward to that trip.

Well, anyway, because of EDMAT-30, I've actually got the chance to write this blog regarding TaiZi, or Prince Cafe in SS2. It has been there for so many years, since my first year in Uni...and many have been there but not me. Finally, because we'll be discussing our trip to Sg. Lembing, I've got the chance to taste the food there!!

The minute you step in to the cafe, I would say...I like the environment. The whole shop is painted in white and it looks modern. Then without any delay, we started ordering the food. Something actually caught my eyes, it's the durian bomb!! As a durian product lover myself, I thought we should go for a try.

It tasted something like cempedak goreng, except that inside it is durian. I think it should be eaten when it's hot. We didn't eat it immediately when it was served, and the dish tasted not as good as i thought it should be.

Next would be the garlic sauce chicken chop rice. Yum yum....Writing it now and looking at the picture is making my stomach growling again...

I just love the smell of the garlic. The meat was cooked to a nice texture, very tender. Well, I guess anything to do with garlic would be my favourite. Hehe!!

Look at the next lovely pic below....

Nice curry chicken they have there, but a bit spicy. So for those who can't take spicy stuff, sorry. But for chili lovers, this is definitely a must try. The bread was very crunchy on the outside, and there is a slight of taste on the bread itself.

Well, that's all about the food that I've tried on that day. Can't afford to eat that much since I'm already growing horizontally. Hehe!! Will definitely go there to try out some of the drink when there's time. Stay tune for the next posting. :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Food in Singapore!!

After years since the last time I went to Singapore for my cousin sis' wedding, I realise that the food in Singapore is not bad after all. Initially, I was wondering what to eat in Singapore. My impression was, the nice food are all from the restaurants expensive food.

On our first day there in Singapore, my uncle brought us to a near by Chicken rice stall in Braddell. Of course, I would say the taste was so so, but edible. Next for dinner, I ate a nasi lemak ayam for SD2. Consider cheap rite, considering the nasi lemak ayam that I had back in Seapark was RM4.50. Too bad, I forgot to take a snap shot of the nasi lemak. The rice was green in colour and very aromatic. A different kind of taste with the nasi lemak we had in KL.

On our 2nd day there in Singapore, we manage to try out the McD there. Got to try the McSpicy. Better than KFC Zinger burger. It was freshly out from the kitchen, there's gravy flowing out from the burger meat. Yum yum!!! Most importantly, it's spicy enough. Take a look at the tempting picture of the burger!!

For dinner, we managed to get a good recommendation from Irene. Thanks Irene for the nice ramen. We had our dinner at Marutama Ramen, situated at Central Point Level 3. The restaurant only serves very few dishes and ramen. We tried a spicy ramen, which I've forgotten the name actually. Not red right, like what normal spicy food should be. . Don't be tricked by it's look. It's actually spicy.

Another food that I found it quite special in a way. It's the Singapore Carrot Cake what we call as "lou bo kau". We call that "char koay kak" in Penang. But the one we had in Singapore was totally different. It was cooked like our fried osyster. There's a layer of flour and egg sticking the carrot cake together. There are some spring onion as well to make even more aromatic. Delicious!! Sorry don't have the pic. I was too busy eating it.

Well,to make a comparison,in fact the cost of living in Singapore in terms of the food and clothing, it's much cheaper there. Didn't realise all of this till now.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Down the memory lane.....

Wow!! That's the word I'm going to use to describe our U6S1 gathering yesterday at Old Town (E-gate). In fact, we had chosen Old Town not because the food is nice but because it's cheap. Wish we were at Starbuck instead. HAHA!! It has been such a long time since the we had BBQ at CC's hse and she kena bomb by fireworks. Sorry CC for recalling your bad memory.

As usual,'s actually a bit embarassing to say this. But this was not the first time. We actually managed to chase away a family of four to another table. They were sitting behind our table initially. I guessed they couldn't stand the noise we were making with our laughters and all. :)

Anyway we had a great time recalling all the silly things we did back in Form 6. Recalled again the event where OYY came to the class and said "Don't think I cannot smell it". Guess what? We were actually eating "keropok pedas" in the class. Lucky for the people sitting in the blue Proton Saga, they missed the big show!! We got a good real scolding from OYY. And of course, as usual, I was the chicken. The next day, CL said that I told them to be good girls and don't eat in the class anymore. Hmm...can't even recall I said that.

Next event, showing again how chicken I was that time. I would say thanks to the people of Blue Proton Saga for the trick. They actually wrote a warning letter and left it on my car when I was doing my librarian duty. And I would say, with my character of good student at that time, I was scared of the demerit I was going to get. The note actually reads something like that "Please do not park your car at the prohibited place. Please come and find me for ...." Ok, I could not really remember what the content of the note was. But if did mention that I had to go and find someone. But the problem was that there's no name written on the note. And silly me, worried for weeks, for nothing. Must give a big applause to the 5 ppl of Blue Proton Saga for putting up such a good show. Can't believe that I was tricked into believing them. KN said she remember me asking them why they don't get the note when they were parking at the same place as I do....Thinking back....Must admit I'm a bit chickent. HAHA!!!

Well, the night ends well. Was able to catched up with Mei Ying ,Wooinie, You Chin and Phaik Har. So glad to see them all. Hope to have another gathering soon during the CNY. For those who were unable to make it, next time don't ppk us anymore la....

Monday, December 14, 2009

When I'm back in PENANG!!!

I've always love Penang. Firstly it's because of the food, and all my best friends here!! Yeah!!

The minute I came back to Penang, I've started to ask people going out for FOOD!!
Can't believe it, suppose to reduce food intake, but I couldn't resist the temptation. On Sunday morning, supposingly to go on a Breakfast race. First station was Lrg Seratus Tahun curry mee. To my disappointment, the shop was closed because there's a wedding going on.

So next we went to eat banana pancake in Sim Kim San Coffee Shop (Macalister Road, corner shop). She have range from RM3-8 per plate and we decided to order the RM5 one cos there's three of us. Oops...Don't think I've the picture of the food only, guess got to put this down.

Yummy is the word I'm going to use to describe the pancake. The outer layer was fried till it's crispy. The inner layer is soft and sweet. The sesame topping make the pancake more aromatic. Definitely should try it out.

Wel, as I said, it was suppose to be a Breakfast Race, manatau, all the shops that I wanted to go were closed. Haiz...a bit disappointed, but I'm still satisfied to be able to try the banana pancake. Got to share it with the others.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fish & Co.

It was Soun Pinn's birthday celebration. Our initial place to eat was Zuup Soup. Unfortunately we went there a bit late so the thing that I wanted to try "Soup in Bread" was sold out. So we have to opt for another restaurant. We came across this restaurant Fish & Co. The environment looked nice and cosy and so we decided to give it a try. The business was so good that we have to wait for about 30 min or 1 hour before we were seated.

By the time we were seated, it was already around 8pm and we were starving, so without any delay, let's go to the FOOD!!

First dish, the fish and chip. The speciality of the house. I think the fish is dory fish if not mistaken. The skin was really crunchy and too taste. I would definitely recommend this.

Coming up next was the mushroom soup. Perfectly creamy. Most of the soup that i've tried was not that creamy, but i wouldn't say they are diluted. But for this, it's really thick and tasted good. Very strong mushroom taste. I like it a lot!!

Well, as usually, I would actually prefer carbonara rather than the normal bolognese spaghetti. However, this one from Fish & Co., it was not to taste. The best is still from New York Deli.

I had this for my dinner. It's Coliander Fish if not mistaken. The fish was covered with the green stuff and it's actually mint i think. Then you're suppose to squeeze some lemon juice on it. Tasted special but i think it would be better if there's more salty taste to the fish. The rice was very aromatic something like nasi biryani to me. It's a good option rather than having chips all the times.

All in all, I spent about RM23 for that meal, sharing the soup and drink with my friend.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meeting up with friends.....

After so many years, somehow, at this stage of my life, I started to recall all the friends that I have made from primary to secondary school. After sitting down and giving a good thought about it, I started to keep in touch with them. Thanks to Facebook and Friendster I finally found my long lost friend, Chong Shwu Fen. Wow!!I was really excited to meet up with her end of this year in Singapore.

And then, finally I managed to meet up with Jie Meng who had been my classmates, sitting next to me when we were in Standard 6. We used to be very closed, the four of us, Gaik Tin, Durgashini sitting in front of us and there's me and Jie Meng. I still remember the time where I was chosen to be a treasure if not mistaken. And at that time, I was a scary cat, not to mention now I'm still is, but improving. I remember that there's a classmate name Jeannie Tan. And at that time, she was kind of fierce. So I thought, "Shit, this means that I've to collect money from her" and the fact was, I don't want to, cause she's fierce. (Sorry Jeannie, this was just a feeling I had when we were small).

I think it's nice to actually meet up with all these all friend and reminising of what we have done. Things were really different back then in school. There's no worries, you just got to score in the exam. You played and have fun everyday. But we still have to grow old. There's much to worry. I guess it's just part of life. Well, really nice meeting with Jie Meng and catch up on things, eventhough there're often awkward pauses between the conversation. I guess it's the way when you don't keep in touch with each other for such a long time. Eventually, we just lost the common interest. Anyway, I'll make an effort to keep contacting with all of them.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Umo San a.k.a Korean Food!!

Wow!! LOoking at the pictures makes my stomach grumbles. A year after the Inje Student exchange programme, I finally get to taste Korean FOOD!! Have been drooling over it for such a long time....With anymore typing, let's have a look at the small dishes. I think most of us are aware that Korean food always come with small dishes an they really taste good! Most importantly, it's refillable.

Other than the KimChi, the other dishes tasted good!! Again, personal preference..However, heard from my Korean friends, KimChi have some medicinal benefits. So to those who really love it, eat more!!

Here's the dish of the day. I actually forgot what it's called in Korean. But, when you go for Korean BBQ this is the must try dish. Don't go for the marinated ones. Try this original taste. It's really good. You have to deep it with salt and they have this special sauce for you to compliment the meat. You got to wrap it up in a lettuce if not mistaken, and eat it in one BITE!!

Next is my favourite "odeng"!! Miss my supper i had when i was in KOrea! But i think this they don't have the spicy sauce as what they have back in Korea. However, it's still delicious with it's own original flavour. Ohya, in case for some who are not familiar with the Korean name, it's actually homemade fish cake. They don't have fishball back in Korea, only "odeng".

My goodness, now i'm feeling the hunger here. Look at how nice the "Bibimbap". It's a mixture of many vegetables with rice. They did put some spices into the rice, but I seriously don't know what it is. A must try!!!

Before mixing

AFter mixing

Coming to the final part, the amount we spend on this's about RM20 per person. I would say, it's counted cheap for such an authentic Korean Food.