Saturday, January 16, 2010

EDMAT-30 Gathering (Taizi Cafe)

I've always felt lucky to have met this bunch of friends. Without them, I wouldn't have enjoyed the trip to Cameron Highland, without them, I wouldn't have a great experience at Gua Tempurung. And again, we are going of to Sungai Lembing end of the month. Woohoo!!! I'm really looking forward to that trip.

Well, anyway, because of EDMAT-30, I've actually got the chance to write this blog regarding TaiZi, or Prince Cafe in SS2. It has been there for so many years, since my first year in Uni...and many have been there but not me. Finally, because we'll be discussing our trip to Sg. Lembing, I've got the chance to taste the food there!!

The minute you step in to the cafe, I would say...I like the environment. The whole shop is painted in white and it looks modern. Then without any delay, we started ordering the food. Something actually caught my eyes, it's the durian bomb!! As a durian product lover myself, I thought we should go for a try.

It tasted something like cempedak goreng, except that inside it is durian. I think it should be eaten when it's hot. We didn't eat it immediately when it was served, and the dish tasted not as good as i thought it should be.

Next would be the garlic sauce chicken chop rice. Yum yum....Writing it now and looking at the picture is making my stomach growling again...

I just love the smell of the garlic. The meat was cooked to a nice texture, very tender. Well, I guess anything to do with garlic would be my favourite. Hehe!!

Look at the next lovely pic below....

Nice curry chicken they have there, but a bit spicy. So for those who can't take spicy stuff, sorry. But for chili lovers, this is definitely a must try. The bread was very crunchy on the outside, and there is a slight of taste on the bread itself.

Well, that's all about the food that I've tried on that day. Can't afford to eat that much since I'm already growing horizontally. Hehe!! Will definitely go there to try out some of the drink when there's time. Stay tune for the next posting. :)

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